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Photo's (Max & Warrun)

Pictures from 2005
Pictures from 2006 (Prahran Market)
Pictures Ian Potter Children's Garden 3-10-06

Promotie Branko

Some pictures of Branko getting his PhD.

Holiday Pictures

-Brisbane 2006
-Nanette's visit to the Netherlands, August 2005 (large)
-Australia in 2004 (small)

Stories (BLOG)

Gift ideas

Want to buy a present for one of us? Take a look at our wish lists.

Nanette's bread What bread did she make?
Branette's life in their new World
(a.k.a. our BLOG)

Our daily experiences as inhabitants of Australia
(old blog )
-our car & hous (not written yet)
-Nederlandse aanschouwing van het leven in Melbourne
-Branko's work at Air International Thermal Systems

Computer stuff

Boardgame scores

The scorelists of boardgames a we have been playing with a bunch of friends.


Homepage of some software Branko wrote.

CCA - scanguide

Comic scanning guide. Tips and trick on making your scanning effort yield the best scans.


A small plug-in for the game
'the Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind' Branko created

last updated 26-Mar-2008