Nanette's Bread Blog

last updated 23-Jun-2006

18 June:
Dried tomato bread: used again raw sugar and it worked good.

17 June:
Graine bread (kichenbaker). for dinner and the same once more overnight for the next morning.

15 June:
Pest & pinenutbread. At least 5 tbsp pinenuts and almond i.s.o. 4. Used cane sucane sugar in sted of white sugar. No difference.

Grain bread of delici.

7 June:
Whole grain bread (Kitchen baker) : Baked with a light crust. Not handy for slicing.

4 June
German Rye bread: Nice and soft not the German bread I know from Germany. 'Dark brown' as we like it.
3 June
Mais bread: Good, very soft but not to wet. The kids didn't like it. Branko did even Monday in his lunchbox.

1 June
Pesto and Pinenutbread . On request of our babysitters. The pinnuts where enriched with almondshavings. Nice bread. Worked well with the soup. The kids didn't like it the next day. Branko kept loving it.

Cheese and Chives bread for our guests to take home and for ourselves tomorrowmorning. Worked well, is very nice. Baked it Dark for a thick crust. Kids eat it (exept the crust as of any bread)

30 May
Italian bread (tomatopaste, herbs, olives, we left the olives out)
Very very nice, looks red, tasts good. 1kg bread rises almost out of the baker.
Kids loved ik for lunch the next day with vegemite. They ate every crumb.

Monday 29 May
Pecannuts & Maple syrup bread:
Rises very big, almost out of the breadmaker, that was the 1kg one. Even thou it's sweet it's very nice with pumpkinrisotto or the next day with some savory. The little boys didn't want to eat it in any form.

Sunday 28 May
This morning we had 1 kg bread of Delifrance breadflour with other ingredients added. Worked very well. Nice multigrainbread baked as a wholemeal bread. We all at and enjoyed it.

Saturday 27 May
Bought lots and lots of stuff to make own bread and special ingredients for almost every type of special bread in the recipy book.

15-26 May
This week we had the wholemeal and multigrain breadmixtures of Kitchen.... .
Very nice bread. We are happy.

14 mei 2006, zondag
Nanette mocht vanmorgen uitslapen. Het was niet lang, er stond tenslotte een zelf gebakken brood op ons te wachten.
Laucke wholemeal bread:

Nice, worked good, baked good.

Taste isn't perfect. We'll try an other brand next time

13 mei 2006, the day before mothersday
I got a Max on top of a breadmaker today for Mothersday!

We are very happy, next thing to do is getting to the shops for some breadmix.